School of Holistic
Intuitive Massage
How to become


School of Holistic
Intuitive Massage
How to become



Training Content
The training is done in two stages. On stage one of “HIM training” for two days you learn:
Holistic massage movements (original movements designed by the author on the basis of movements of the German school and the first stage of “The Sun Wind” center in Saint Petersburg.
Holistic osteopathic biodynamic approach to human health
Chi-Quong breathing practices
Ways of dealing with blockages in the physical body

Major skill: you are going to learn to combine the dialogue with body movements and listening to the system as well as approach the patient from a mutually safe therapeutic standpoint.
Outcome: you are going to be able to give holistic intuitive massage which is going to bring you phycological and physical health and financial prosperity. You’ll be given a certificate that comes into forth upon your completion of 25 HIM sessions.

The group work is based on personal requests of the participants. The group is therapeutic and closed. You are going to stay connected to the leader and the participants after you complete your training. You can always expect online support in your practice.

The second stage of “Holistic Therapy Training. Dealing with physical emotional traumas” will get you to :
Revise and practice material from Stage One.
Master the therapeutic standpoint (neutrality, Presence-Presence level of contact, extentionality, spaciousness, work with fluid body, etc.
Practice extended body Listening and perception
Learn 40 “Ways of Blockage removal” : energetic ( breathing, sound, etc.) and informational (psychotherapeutic conversation, working with attention)

Most importantly: you get basic knowledge and skills of DEALING WITH PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL TRAUMAS and have group therapy in the atmosphere of acceptance, empathy and support.
The Outcome: you can do holistic therapy, including dealing with trauma.
The work is also based on individual requests of participants.

Upon completing Stage Two you will be granted access to on-line classes (supervision work in a closed group).

Similar course can be repeated unlimited number of times in any city of Russia with 50% discount (upon availability).

There also is an “Assistance Institute” where some students who manifest their Care for the Whole and service may be invited to do the training free of charge.

About the teacher

Mariia Chevguz (St. Petersburg, Russia) is a body-therapist, a teacher of holistic intuitive massage and brush face therapy. Mariia’s professional interest is to explain to people how to deal with body-emotional trauma and how to transform themselves in this bright real process.


Improvement of physiological and psychological state
  • Combination of holistic intuitive massage and a psychobiodynamics session

What is Holistic Pulsing

Holistic Pulsing is an amazing body-mind therapy that helps bring about calm and balance in your life. It is incredibly relaxing, safe and gentle.

In a Holistic Pulsing session you will remain fully clothed while relaxing on a massage table and be gently rocked at rhythms close to the foetal heartbeat (120-160 beats per minute).

The technique involves using both large and small movements as well as stretching and kneading. Our body is approximately 80% water and the rhythmic rocking sends ripples flowing through the whole body enlivening the system on all levels, oiling the joints and stimulating the immune system.
The feminine principles of softness, gentleness & nurturing are incorporated making this an excellent therapy that assists us to release past and present emotional and physical trauma from the body.

We have been through the trauma once and don’t really need to re-traumatize ourselves to heal these old wounds.

The rocking motion, which is so familiar to us, taps into the original memories of being gently rocked, in water, in our mothers wombs as she walked around and went about her daily life.

What is Psychobiodynamics

Biodynamics (liquid osteopathy) is a profound, non-illusory restoration of movement and flow in tissues and liquids, restoration of wholeness of all body segments, joining of “frozen” parts, dealing with trauma in a broad sense, starting with the time of formation of electromagnetic matrix (3 months prior conception).
This can be called a reconnection with the Creator, since biodynamics deals with Primary Breath of life and Creative Emptiness (in Buddhism terms), and Dynamic stillness in quantum physics and osteopathy terms.

Psychobiodynamics is a combination of psychology tools healing for emotional sphere and biodynamic reconnection of patient’s physiology with health.


What I mean by “Brush Face Therapy” (“Intuitive Face Brush Massage” or IBM) that I teach at one-day workshop (available to those already completed a two-day Holistic Therapy group)?

Here are just a few of the aspects:
Modern body therapy takes place in a special type of contact- Mother and the Baby (Madonna and the Child). To live through this and to nurture one’s early experience is healing for any person. Gentleness of natural brushes as they touch client’s face and neck reminds mother’s caress.

2.In contemporary therapy we say that the process unfolds with the therapist just being Present, gently assisting the patient taking the session to enter the space of Trust and Total Acceptance. The brushes but not hands make him “next to zero”, so that there is no therapist but just brushes and attention.

3. Brushes let therapist display their free creative spirit, as if an Artist within is woken up.

4. Face is like the Image of God, where, as osteopaths say, all “body pulls” are gathered. All subtle matter structures are present in head, and face reflects all body structures. There are even more reasons why working with face, head and neck is so fruitful.

5.One-day Brush Face Therapy workshop is a “post-graduate” course for those completing Holistic Intuitive Massage, deepening the practice of holistic wave therapy.

6. Therapeutic effect of the brush massage is much more subtle than that of HIM.

7. It is appropriate for meditative immersion (there is very little talking during the session)

8. And most importantly, within this course I teach the “basics” of Biodynamic Therapy. One can be introduced to Biodynamics- the most recent evolutionary stage of osteopathy, studying HIM. The costs of these are incomparable: on average a Biodynamic workshop in Russia costs 35-55 thousand rubles, whereas HIM is just 1,500-3000 rubles. Many participants experience very deep processes, including what can be called “Transmutation”.

The nearest HIM training is May,9 in Kazan. HIM stage 1- May, 5-6, HIM stage 2- May, 7-8. May, 21- Moscow countryside retreat center “Guslitsy” together with Svetlana Romanova, accommodation and meals are included.